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          Intuitive Life Coach

I’ve been highly intutive ever since I can remember. I have seen energy, “known” things, smelled and sensed things and received messages from loved ones on the other side for most of my life. It’s such a part of who I am that it was many years before I understood that not everyone’s brain works this way!

In my desire to understand the meaning of life in 3-D world, I have studied metaphysics and human potential since the late 1980s. 

When my first baby died in 2004, whoa mama, did my psychic medium powers increase! They haven’t lessened since then - in fact they have taken on a much greater dimension. It is because of this and my passionate desire to share my gifts, that I offer my services as a psychic medium and intuitive life coach. 

If you are a bereaved mother, you are my Sister. Please click here for the special services I have to offer you.

Psychic Medium

You might be familiar with my previous work, the novel and screenplay Penelope In The Divine, and The DivineSexy School – an institute of higher learning where women learn how to claim their feminine energy to live a juicy life.

The truth is, those works were channelled, in other words, given to me in a complete way through dreams and meditation - something I have not discussed publicly before. As I said, connecting with help from the other side just seems “normal” to me. How does a fish describe water?

The world is shifting and changing drastically right now. As a collective species, we are evolving toward a new consciousness. Many have questions and concerns about life here and beyond. I have the deepest desire to offer my gifts in service to you.

A Different Kind of Life Coach

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I’m not your normal psychic! I’m lighthearted, practical and direct and all about the here-and-now while communicating with the hereafter. Getting messages from the other side brings so much peace and the key is integrating those messages in the real world. This is where my decades of study in metaphysics and human potiential comes in. My aim is for you to integrate and apply this deeper knowledge in order to improve your life in the best way that you see fit.

Happiness is our birthright! Sometimes we just need help to remember why we're here. For information and to schedule a session, click here.

Penelope In The Divine
By T. S. Valenzuela