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Sensuality. Cashflow. Intuition. 

These are the 3 pillars of a woman's life and consciousness. Take a moment right now and ask yourself, "Am I completely fulfilled in these 3 areas?" I'm guessing your answer is, "NO."

Does your persistent overweight, chronic illness, broken heart or loneliness keep you up at night? Maybe you're longing for the prosperity that eludes you. Do you feel like your life is passing you by? Are you suffering from hair loss or hormonal issues? You are not alone.

The Modern Western Woman Was Raised to Be A Man

Luxury, beauty, sensuality and intuition are important sparks that keep a woman feeling juicy, fulfilled and vibrant, but ladies, we've lost our glow! I can teach you how to get it back. 

I've crawled, cried, bled, wailed and lost it all. I've been to the depths of the Underworld like the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna and I have returned with a wealthy bounty of sensuality, intuition and many other gifts for my sisters.

If you are a bereaved mother, you are my Sister. Please click here for the special services I have to offer you.

In The Divine is a hub of knowledge, showing you how to be sexy, wealthy and wise by strengthening your 3 Pillars of Femininity: Sensuality, Cashflow and Intuition. Feel empowered and vibrant with an Intuitive Coaching session. Visit my Blog to learn about wealth building for women and enroll in a Master Class on Femininity.

Happiness is our birthright! Sometimes we just need help to remember why we're here. 


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Penelope In The Divine
By T. S. Valenzuela