Psychedelic Integration Coaching Session

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My mission is to help people integrate their sacred plant medicine experiences for more personal and financial joy and success!

I do this by assisting YOU to:

  • Use the powerful system I’ve developed to translate and integrate the messages you receive from the entheogens into your daily life.
  • Use effective communication to help your loved ones process the changes in you from working with the sacred plant teachers.
  • Balance your sexual energy to manifest your business and personal goals.
  • Balance the masculine and feminine divine within and without. This looks like balancing structure, technology and intuition.
  • Overcome resistance to your own success and fears blocking you.
  • Email support included!


Ceremonies of Sacred Life book

Bloom Your Intuition online course - a simple 4-step process to master your intuition anytime, anywhere for anything! INCLUDES THE Bloom Your Relationships online course - ancient and modern tools and techniques to help you maintain successful and stable relationships. Relationships can make or break your success!

Exalted Self-Love online course - Tried and true techniques to stabilize your self-love so you can live the loving wisdom from the sacred plant teachers.

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One Psychedelic Integration Session

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Psychedelic Integration Coaching Session

0 ratings